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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

call for editors


Come one, come all, to our latest issue of Halfway Down the Stairs, which is, as we all know, the best literary e-zine ever. This was our first attempt at doing an issue with only three months to prepare, and I think we chose to do this at a really good time, since we have another issue packed full of material, even though we were open for submissions over a much shorter period. Our next issue will be "Beginnings and Ends", in September 2010, and we welcome your submissions.

This issue was a sad one for us, because it was our senior poetry editor Francesca Leung's final issue. Francesca has been on the HDtS staff right from the start and we are all very good friends by now, so it's very, very sad to see her go.

Because of Francesca's departure we are now looking for two new poetry editors. If you like writing poetry or think you would be a good selector of poetry for the e-zine, check out the information included in my editor's note in this issue.

But back to this issue, "The Outsider": Of the fiction selections, I would recommend especially "Man of the World", by Barry Jay Kaplan, and "This Trio, Fatal and Valuable", by Teri Carter. I also really loved "Contract for a Slice of Uruguay", by Jack Frey, but it's the sort of story you will either love or hate.

I am not a poet, and distrust my own poetic inclinations, but I loved "Real Gods", by Jari Thymian, and "Origami", by Chloe N. Clark.

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Stacy said...

I love your new banner.

Oh, and HDtS is pretty awesome too.