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Saturday, May 29, 2010

cats and dogs

It's been raining. And raining. And raining. And hailing and snowing in some places too. In fact, Extreme Weather has been pummelling the entire South Island of New Zealand for days now. Our flat is freezing, and we have the additional pleasure of a small, furry, unwelcome guest.

My way of rising above: buying flowery gumboots.

For others, it's slightly more extreme. This is a video taken of people kayaking and surfing the torrential river Leith in Dunedin, which is a city further south from here. Bear in mind when watching it that the Leith is usually a trickle.

And speaking of raining cats and dogs, I have discovered that I love cats! Meet Zoe:

She is my sister's kitten. This photo was taken about two months ago so she is bigger now, but she is still just as cute, and she is lovable and affectionate and comes to sit on my lap and likes being stroked. When I scratch her head in just the right way she purrs, and rubs my hand with her cheek. It's adorable.

I went off cats a long time ago because I was small and incautious, and our cat liked to bite. Now, I am starting to see what I've missed out on all these years.

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