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Friday, June 18, 2010

princesses and dragons and dusters

This Tuesday, Niece-Aged-3 and Niece-Aged-2 and I spent about an hour at the playground at the Botanical Gardens in the late afternoon. Running running running around the castle-style wall. Being princesses or friendly dragons.

Niece-Aged-3 ran out one door, eyes shining. "We're cleaning and dusting and getting ready to be married!!" she cried.

Let me assure you: this child has a modern woman for a mother. She has a modern man for a father. As her Tuesday childcare provider, I do not try and fashion her into the perfect 1950s housewife. She just says hilarious things.

A few weeks ago, she told me this story. [She doesn't have a clue who Hannah Montana is but obviously heard the name somewhere.]

Hannah Montana was playing on the road with her friends, and a car came along and squashed her. She shouldn't have been playing on the road. But her friends came, and they took her to Jesus. Jesus touched her, and she wasn't squashed anymore! She was all round and oozy. And everyone lived happily ever after.


Stacy said...

That Hannah Montana! Always where she shouldn't be!

pilgrimchick said...

Great story there! Absolutely brilliant for someone her age.

Sarakastic said...

I want to go play in that castle! Maybe that's why I haven't gotten married yet.