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Sunday, March 4, 2012

two months

It's been a very long time since I blogged - by my standards, anyhow. More than two months! Horrors. In order to reacquaint you with my life, here is what has been happening:

It has been summer. This is because, if you will remember, I am probably on the other side of the world to you, in the southern hemisphere.

I spent a gorgeous Christmas in Dunedin, hanging out with my Entire Family, which does not happen very often. The weather was postcard perfect and we spent almost every day at different beaches - and Dunedin beaches in good weather are stunning.

As you know, I went on an adventure to Mt Cook National Park in my Christmas holiday, pitched a tent, walked some tracks - look! it's me! (below) Also a gorgeous time.

I went back to work after that, but took advantage of the weekends to get out of town - my appetite well and truly whet. One Saturday was spent at Hanmer Springs, a small alpine village with famous hot springs, Christchurch's playground, with my sister and her husband and three kids.

Then I spent a weekend in Kaikoura by the sea with a friend - look, mountains! And SEALS! Look (below), isn't he lovely? It was truly hideous weather most of the time (belied by these photos) and so we didn't do much of the classic Kaikoura jaunts such as whale watching or swimming with dolphins but I did treat myself to an hour long relaxation massage and some shopping time!

The anniversary of the 22 February earthquake has been and gone - and traffic cones like this one all around the city (and there's quite a few of them currently) were filled with flowers in commemoration. The year has gone so quickly, and so much has happened in my life. It was a difficult week, to be honest.

The red zone cordon is still in place in town, but I went in for work one day. Here is the poor old Cathedral. It was announced a couple of days ago that it cannot feasibly be rebuilt and will have to be pulled down stone by stone. I completely agree with the decision but it still felt tragic.