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Saturday, March 9, 2013

i am listening to....

I am back, without any explanation for my long absence, and without a suitably poignant or significant topic to blog upon, except that I am listening to some music these days, and I like it...

Some of my current favourites, which are not necessarily similar to each other at all, and which I just happen to really enjoy at the moment.

Therefore, some recommendations, following a roughly clockwise direction:

Lawrence Arabia

I'm actually really into all his stuff at the moment, having just discovered this native of my own city, but this particular choice is a single from his 2012 album.  He is one of those singers who manages to combine a sensitivity for a great tune with musical nous and intrepidity.  I have never seen some of the stuff that happens in his songs before.  He's fantastic.

Sarah Blasko

This singer supported Mumford & Sons when they came to my town, and I liked her so much I went home and bought her album.  She's got a really great, unique voice and writes beautiful songs.

Of Monsters and Men

I got hooked on this band through their first single, above, but was excited to find that they weren't going to be a one hit wonder - the album is fantastic! Good music to cook to... and that's a high compliment from me.

Susanne Sundfør

A very recent discovery for me.  I love her slightly dark, experimental, expressive sound.  I love to hear someone of her skill absolutely singing their heart out - it's very refreshing and also beautiful.

Nina Simone

An artist who needs no talking up on my part.  Can't get enough of her.

The Eastern

Local band, based over the hill from me in Lyttelton, sort of bluegrass/folky sound.  Voice of the earthquakes for me.  Recommend in particular their song "Hope and Wire", but can't find it on youtube to link to.

Judy Collins

Have just recently been listening to this song over and over and over after hearing it on a TV show.  It's the sort of music which I am not quite sure why I like it so much, but lie in bed with the words running through my head.  They don't make it like this anymore.


I really like this girl and her music.  She's really interesting.  And there's something very unusual and musically creative about songs like the one above.

Jeff Buckley

Only just discovered by me.  I am aware the rest of the world has got there already.