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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I would be a terrible revolutionary

So yesterday I did a blog post on the facebook protest group a friend and I have started, about the changes proposed for our university's library. Since then, I have exchanged emails with the Vice Chancellor and today I got a call from a reporter who wanted me to forward her these emails (which I didn't do, but since with his permission I had pasted his comments onto the group wall she'll be able to get all the info). The group has got 333 members so far, that's in the space of 72 hours - not exactly setting a facebook record but sizeable enough.

I would not be a good revolutionary because I'm starting to bite my nails, wondering if it was the right thing to do - I've never thought the change proposal as a whole should be thrown out, only that parts of it are worrying and need to be explained more. I have to admit some of the stuff the VC says is not completely stupid, and when I got the call from the reporter - implying that our goal in setting up the group is being fulfilled, and more publicity will attend these changes - I started freaking out that she is going to completely exaggerate everything I said, because I DON'T TRUST THE MEDIA.

Basically, I'm not a good people's-uprising-leader.

So I'm listening to soothing rain sounds (they're remarkably wonderful; I feel like I'm in the mountains, staying in a log cabin in the forest), and the breadmaker is churning away making me some fresh bread.

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Stacy said...

Any revolutionary who doesn't bite her nails and wonder if she did the right thing would be a bad revolutionary.