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Saturday, May 1, 2010


It's autumn! Life is good!

Autumn is my favourite time of year, apart from spring. They're generally first equal. I'm always tempted, though, to put one ahead of the other when I'm actually in it.

I've been surreptitiously pulling leaves off trees and putting them in my bag, taking them home and pressing them between pages of my giant dictionary. And yes, I'm aware how dorky that sounds. Or alternatively how frightening; one of my friends was worried that the Masters was getting to me and I was doing an Ophelia. Rest assured. I am fine. I am taking advantage of the season and keeping leaves I can use for decorating cards, etc. I'm not crazy. But I am a nerd.

We've had amazing weather - sunny, warm, and beautiful most of the time, and a few chilly forebodings of rainy winter days, which I love, because it's not ridiculously cold but I get to wear my favourite snuggly winter clothes.

And we've had amazing sunsets. Featured: my flatmate, posing for the camera in front of the beautiful sky, while I shouted, giggling, "Work it!"


Jennie said...

These are beautiful pictures. I especially like the last one and the red leaves one. I'm a bit jealous; autumn is my favorite season

Stacy said...

Gorgeous pictures!