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Sunday, May 16, 2010

an introduction to the bach

I have been lucky enough, over the weekend, to stay in a bach literally across the road from the sea, in Akaroa Harbour, with a whole bunch of girlfriends from my school days. Apart from being a really relaxing, wonderful time, it was a great opportunity to enjoy bach culture again.

For those who don't know what a bach (pronounced "batch") is: It's a Kiwi holiday home. More than that, it's a holiday home with character. Baches must not be too luxurious. They can't be too big. A lot of holiday homes would not make the grade.

There are several common features of your garden-variety bach that I will share with you now.

Paua shells will lie around the place.

There will be a jetty nearby from which you can fish or jump.

There will be an odd assortment of furniture and old, obsolete appliances, and an even odder assortment of books. This bookshelf of bach-reading included The Art of Fencing - useful for a slow summer day - as well as a whole stack of Reader's Digests that were older than me.

Unbeautiful, dated artwork on the walls that somehow is JUST RIGHT.

A citrus tree of some type.

Sheep across the fence or some stray geese that will wander into your garden if you leave the gate open.

A tyre swing. (Not to mention an old shed with things growing all over it, and an old outhouse that is no longer necessary, thank goodness.

A snuggly fire, not to mention some lovely carpet, and a clock on the mantelpiece that doesn't work.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! When I first saw the word Bach, I was confused because I thought you were talking about classical music. Thanks for the Kiwi lesson!

Stacy said...

A beach AND The Art of Fencing? That can't be beat. :)

I hope you have some new fencing tips to share with us all.