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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the latest addition to my family

I have a beautiful new niece who is two weeks old!

Her name is Eliza, which I think is a beautiful name, so pretty in fact that it has been on my own list of names-to-call-future-hypothetical-daughters for some time. But as these daughters are hypothetical, I'm perfectly happy for my sister and her husband to use the name on their real, solid, tiny little daughter.

She was born after a particularly quakey night in Christchurch. There was a magnitude 5.3 quake at about 10.30pm, centered very close to where we were, and it was followed by about nineteen more quakes throughout the night, right up until little Eliza was born at about 5:45am.

Eliza is going to be part of a strange little generation. Her class at school will be full of earthquake babies. And her elder sisters will grow up knowing rather an unnatural amount about earthquakes for children their age.

Anyway - musings about the future aside - you may remember I had been doing some knitting for my future niece, and I wrote about it a little while ago on this blog. Unfortunately, I decided in the end that the little wrap I made was just not good enough. It looked okay in the photo you saw, but that photo did not reveal all the flaws and mistakes that are just so obvious when I actually held the wrap in my hands.

So I had a go at something a little less challenging:

And I am glad I did, because I think they're rather cute!


Stacy said...

Very cute!

I always thought Lily would be a beautiful name for a daughter if I ever have one, and then my cousin named her daughter that. One problem with being single so long is family and friends get their pick of baby names first. By the time, I get married and have kids, there will be no names left except for granny ones like "Edith" or "Geraldine."

Sarakastic said...

I've lost some hypothetical baby names to family too.. congrats!