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Sunday, May 22, 2011

two items for your perusal

First up, I have bought my first pair of heels - ever!! The idea is that eventually I will start going to job interviews and so on, and needed a pair of shoes that aren't falling to pieces/way too casual. And so I have invested some money, with the help of a very generous sister, in a pair of basic black shoes with a wedge:

This is significant because I never buy or wear heels. I'm tall, and I've always felt even more like a giant if my shoes had any height to them. However, in trying these shoes on, I couldn't help but notice how (a) flattering, and (b) pretty they were, much prettier than they appear in the picture, and I simply fell in love. Unless any of my potential employers are short, insecure men, I should be able to cope with my new statuesque appearance with few negative repercussions.

Secondly, I have been knitting. For the first time ever, I have knitted an actual piece of clothing that required assembly, for my sister's baby, who will be making her appearance mid-June. Here is my "lullaby wrap":

I have to admit I was a little disappointed with it, as it looked much nicer in the photo, and I managed to make numerous mistakes while sewing it together. But now that I look at it again I think it's redeemable. I'm thinking of crocheting a little rose (if I can figure out how to do so, but I have seen a number of youtube videos that make it look do-able) and attaching it to the front - what do you think? A mistake, or pretty?


pilgrimchick said...

Lovely knitting work--and I completely understand the reluctance to wear heels. I hate heels.

Sarakastic said...

I love the sweater, I think it's so much cuter than the knitted cardigans everyone else does. Also I can crochet a flower, it's really easy and I'm not skilled enough to put together a sweater, so you can definitely do it and it would be unbelievably cute.

heidikins said...

Oooh! Those shoes are fabulous!!! I pink puffy heart them! Yay for breaking out of your comfort zone in such a stylish, classy way! :)


Stacy said...

I feel like I spent my childhood waiting to wear heels. Then again, I've spent my entire life being the shortest one in the room.

I like the sweater! It's cozy and sweet.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Congrats on the heels! Short, insecure men, be damned! :)

And the sweater is so cute and cuddly-looking. Good job!