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Monday, July 25, 2011

snow day

Okay, so if you want to read this blog post, you first have to agree to the following stipulation:

If you come from a very snowy wintry place, you are not allowed to scoff at my overwhelming excitement about the following blog post!!

Right. Moving on.

Last night, it started snowing. While I was at church. After I got home, I rushed outside to wander down the street looking at the light smattering of snow that had managed to settle.

Very nice and exciting but I didn't think we'd get much more than that.

Imagine my satisfaction to wake up this morning and look outside to find this:

It feels like the entire population of Christchurch has a smile on their faces today!

(Sad news, however. Since making the snowmen, their heads have fallen off. We are all Arts students.)

1 comment:

Sarakastic said...

best snow people ever!