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Saturday, May 28, 2011


I'm exhausted... but I have officially survived my MA!

I handed it in yesterday. I don't feel particularly victorious yet, but no doubt at some point in the next week I will begin to appreciate my freedom from a constant, pressing demand on my time. I am having some friends over to celebrate with dessert tonight... dessert should probably help, also!

Maybe it's the same for everyone? The Lord of the Rings: An Allegory of the PhD would certainly lead me to believe this. I really identify with this particular line: "When Frodo submits the Ring [the thesis] to the fire, it is in desperate confusion rather than with confidence, and for a while the world seems empty."

At least this is an MA, not a PhD, and no Saruman [examiner] awaits me with whom I will have to do face-to-face battle.


Sarakastic said...

Wow that's so amazing!!!! You should be so proud of that! Here's some more exclamation points !!!!!!!!!

heidikins said...

Yaaay! Congrats, my dear! That is so exciting and amazing and AWESOME!


Stacy said...

Belated congrats! Hope someone procrastibakes some cupcakes for you.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Congratulations!! You definitely deserve some dessert...something really decadent. Why not celebrate all week?! ;)