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Thursday, May 12, 2011

several things

1. I have joined Twitter! And so has Halfway Down the Stairs. You can follow me here. Please bear in mind that I don't really understand the system yet. And you can follow HDtS here!

2. I know for a fact that Natasha Solomons' new novel, The Novel in the Viola, is winging its way across the world to me - and I am very, very excited.

3. I am having a very very busy week. Firstly I have to, oh, finish my thesis or something like that. Secondly I have just started doing part-time administration work which is great and it distracts me away from other things. Thirdly I am helping to organise the entertainment for the church camp I am going on over the weekend.

4. In this entertainment, we are running a team game on Saturday night - a long line of activities for which each team can win points. The winning team will win an AMAZING prize (or maybe just a token one). I won't run through them all. But I am running one round of the game which is pretty flippin awesome. It is the interpretation of children's pictures. I have got hold of a bunch of pictures which do not have simple explanations. Some of them are crazy creative! Such as my nephew's - a dog army attacking dinosaurs. Each team must come up with an explanation of what is going on in the picture. Points will be awarded for most accurate, most creative, etc.


Stacy said...

Good luck with all you need to get done this week. If I could send you a coffee by blog comment, believe me, I would. I'd even make it an organic, fair trade coffee, just because I think you're that awesome.

pilgrimchick said...

I completely hear you on the busy week. Administrative work is both time consuming and soul destroying.