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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

party food

As part of my series on ideas for throwing a sing-along Chitty Chitty Bang Bang party... I give you... CCBB-themed PARTY FOOD.

These are just initial ideas. It's very unlikely we'll get around to serving every single one of these things - however, there's nothing wrong with providing future party-goers with ideas.

1. Vulgaria, the fictional location for the wicked Baron Bomburst's castle, filmed at Castle Neuschwanstein in Bavaria.

Obviously, there is no such place as Vulgaria - but I figured it sounds fairly similar to Bavaria and Bulgaria, besides having been filmed in Bavaria. And so I found some promising sounding recipes with the help of google:

From Bavaria:
This website has recipes for Bavarian cream puffs, rum balls, apple strudel, marble cake, etc.
Bavarian pretzels
Spitzbuben (Christmas cookies)

From Bulgaria:
Decadent chocolate cake (this is supposed to made several days before it is eaten, which is ideal)
Cinnamon puffs
Apple cake
Cheese bread

2. Apple strudel. As the song from the scene pictured above says, 'You're my little teddy bear, my lovey lovey dovey little teddy bear, you're the apfel strudel of mine eye...'
(We will probably be leaving this out, because we served crisp apple strudel for our Singalong Sound of Music and it would seem a bit too similar!)

3. The sweets of the child-catcher. 'Here we are, children! Come and get your lollipops! Come along, my little ones!' As wicked (and downright terrifying) as this horrid man is, even for adults, you have to admit that the sweets he offers sound pretty good.
Treacle tarts, ice cream, cherry pie, cream puffs, and, of course, lollipops. All free today!

4. Tea with the Maharajah. Everyone loves Grandpa, ex-army bootcleaner who spends a lot of time exploring the world in his 'laboratory'. And I know this is a tenuous link to food, but he does, after all, announce that today he is off to India, to have tea with the Maharajah. Easily incorporated!

5. Toot sweets - cunning little tubes of deliciousness with conveniently-placed holes that produce a high-piched whistle adored by dogs. As demonstrated in the scene pictured above. 'A mouthful of cheer, a sweet without peer, that musical morsel supreme,' as Caractacus Potts would say.

6. Car cookies, somewhat like those above. [photo via] They'll probably be much less perfect to look at, but they have an obvious thematic link and are reasonably easy.

Besides all this, we will have popcorn, of course. Mini pretzels could be a good way to add something savoury, munchable and thematic to the mix. I will keep you updated after the event with how the food situation panned out.

Any ideas to add?

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