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Saturday, January 8, 2011

two desperate people

We are looking for a flatmate - (on that topic, does anyone know anyone who would be willing to move to Christchurch, New Zealand simply to help us pay our rent?) - and we're getting kind of desperate. Yesterday was yet another example, however, that we should trust our instincts and not sign ourselves up to living with crazy people for a whole year!

Someone, let's call him "Ashley", rang me up about our flat a week or two ago. We chatted about thrilling things like how much rent is, when bond needs to be paid, how much money we each put in for electricity, et cetera.

I didn't get the best vibe despite the boringness of the conversation and, anyway, we've pretty much decided we want a female flatmate.

Then yesterday I got a call from Ashley again. I'd forgotten to let him know about our decision, so I apologised and explained.

Ashley: "I actually really like living with girls."

Allie: "Oh, right."

Ashley: "Yeah, as long as no one starts liking each other, that makes it really awkward, and as long as there's no crazy bitchiness, living with girls is great."

Allie: "Hm, well, I'll talk to my flatmates, but I think we've definitely made our decision."

Ashley: "Oh." (sudden flirtatious voice) "Well, are you single?"

Allie (too surprised to lie): "Uh, yes."

Ashley: "Are you looking for a boyfriend?"

Allie (baldly): "No."

Ashley: "Are you sure? You see, I'm single, and I'm really just looking for a partner right now."

Allie: "No, sorry, I'm not on the market."

Ashley: "Well, I wouldn't say anything like that about you, it's not very respectful of women, but I understand. Bye!"



heidikins said...

Hahaha! Oh man, that's hilarious.

Hope you find a flatmate soon! I'm half-tempted to sell everything I own, buy a one-way plane ticket and take you up on the offer! (Seriously.)


Stacy said...

Never thought you'd have to clarify that flatmates aren't entitled to access to your bed?

Best of luck with your continuing search.

Sarakastic said...

Looks like i'll be fighting heidikins for the honor of being your roommate, I would love all that procrastibaking.

Bonsai said...

heya Allie, where's your flat? got someone yet? i just shifted back to chch and am looking for a job then a flat... if it's still free by the time i find some way of paying rent i'm interested :)