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Saturday, July 3, 2010

ruining photos since 1999

Inspired by a recent post by Stacy of The Cat's Meow, I bring you (drum roll...) the first in a series of glimpses into our family holidays, otherwise known as vacations in other parts of the world, which is probably more logical, given that holidays imply "holy days". Ah well, who am I to argue with the dictates of my geographical location?

While Stacy spent most of her family holidays at long Bible conferences, I did go on quite a lot of trips with my parents and siblings, and I was even lucky enough to go overseas with them on a few occasions - the USA in early 1999, and Malaysia/Thailand in 2002. However, children and teenagers have an innate ability to lack appreciation for the wonders they are being exposed to, and here I am at Mt Vernon, the home of George Washington, in the United States with my father and a family friend from Boston, managing to completely ruin another photo with my horrible attitude.

I can't even remember what I was grumpy about. I think, however, that the twist of my mouth creates a most successful snarling effect while the scrunched-up eyes give an impression of a most unattractive person with whom to be on holiday. O, what lucky parents I had!


Stacy said...

Teenage moods may last a moment (or a few years) but the photographs are eternal. :)

I have a few that are similar but very few given that dodging cameras is one of my greatest life skills.

Sarakastic said...

My 12 and 13 year old vacation pictures look exactly the same.