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Monday, February 7, 2011

life in allieland

1. Yesterday it was 35*C. I melted.
Right now, it is 13*C. It's raining.
For all you people who do things differently: that's 95*F yesterday, and 55*F today. Quite a difference!
Apparently, tomorrow is going to be hot again, and then we're going to be back to more rain.
This is life in New Zealand.

2. I have until the end of March to finish my thesis, and then, suddenly, my funds will stop. So, I am hunting down jobs to apply for. I have an interview tomorrow for a library job which I would be thrilled to get, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up, in the current job climate, and so I am still looking everywhere I can. Here are some other possibilities:

Do you think I have the "Roman look"?:

Aaand, two along the same lines:

Who knows, if I become desperate enough, I may just develop an obsessive interest in the trucking industry or in big turbos.

3. I am going to buy a car if/when I get a job. I have managed for over two years without one, which is great - but I'm starting to tire of begging rides or being stuck at home. There have been moments the last few weeks where I've just thought to myself, 'I do not care about the expense - I want a car!' such as when I had to walk home from something at midnight along creepy deserted roads last week, or when all I wanted to do, yesterday, was to get wet all over but would have had to sit on a hot bus for an hour just to get to the beach.

4. Boys are weird. Has anyone else noticed?

5. I have briefly reviewed Roma Tearne's The Swimmer on my other blog - I thought this was a lovely book, so check it out, if you get the chance.

6. Today I had to drop my Niece-Aged-2 off at her daycare at 1pm. She hasn't been for a week because she was sick last week, and in any case this is a fairly new place for her. She was also tiring rapidly because it was the afternoon. So she was very anxious about going. First, she refused to get up from her foetal position on the floor to get coat/shoes on. Second, she told me she had a "very bad cough" and couldn't go - "see? *cough* I'm too sick" - and then, third, she clung to me and had to be physically detached from me inside the daycare.
Sigh. I felt soooo bad. I had to remind myself that she WILL be fine but I still felt terrible.


Stacy said...

Michigan's weather changes a lot too. Not lately though. We're pretty good and stuck on snowy and miserable at the moment.

Good luck with the job hunt!

Sarakastic said...

That first ad says that you might be on power rangers. What else is there to think about? I have no idea why they need Romans for that one.

Miss Chevious said...

that type of weather would drive me crazy! and keep me perpetually sick. as if i didn't catch enough germs from my 3rd graders! :)