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Friday, February 18, 2011


Today, and on Wednesday, I sat in a horrid tomb designed to torture students (named the audiovisual room by our optimistic librarians), poring over microfilm from four months of the Daily Herald of 1933. Because the central library is still closed due to earthquake damage, I had to use one of the smaller libraries on campus, which is equipped only with a horrid, old microfilm machine that can only focus on small parts of each page at a time and whose movements induce motion sickness.

I got distracted, however, by many, many things. Here are some, for your reading pleasure. I hope they don't make you feel sick and grumpy, as I currently feel. (I apologise for the low quality - I had to photograph what is basically a projected image):

Mmm... self-raising flour. Every boy's favourite.

They look good enough to eat with my shredded wheat.

We recommend stretching your hands up in supplication to the man of your heart's desire. Works like a charm.

Aaand, some shocking fashion:
"Will the trouser fashion become popular? The woman was photographed in Trafalgar-square yesterday."
... Nahhhh.

They really are?! Is the sky falling on our heads?


Runny Babbit said...

love powder! that's hysterical!

Sarakastic said...

I'm glad that whole women wearing pants thing didn't catch on.

Stacy said...

I think the woman in trousers is strutting because she has love powder and found it to be very effective.