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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

light and dark

I astonished myself today with a sudden lightning strike of self-knowledge. I am becoming a big GRUMP.

Perhaps this is my way of responding to the earthquakes. Other people get frightened or emotional; I get annoyed at the people around me and develop a tendency towards reclusiveness and become furious if anyone should dare to interrupt my solitude. And then I get angry at myself for being like this.

On the other hand, I have had some lovely things happen lately.

First, about a week ago my flatmate A. got engaged. This is very, very exciting and lovely. I have lived with A. for two and a half years and so I have seen the entire story and I am SO happy for them. It's also very exciting that we are going to be involved in all the preparation and get an inside point of view (this might not be everyone's cup of tea but I LOVE HELPING TO ORGANISE THINGS).

Secondly, last night I got to feel a baby in utero for the first time ever. As I already have twelve nieces and nephews I don't know how it got this far without having done this, but my sister J. is having a baby anytime now and yesterday I got to feel one of the baby's legs, still inside my sister, kicking around and squirming.

What a strange, bizarre, alien, miraculous, happy thing. Life is good.


Sarakastic said...

if you're grumpy I don't want to know what I am

Sarah said...

I've heard that lots of people are like this, married couples also, which makes me feel better because then I know I'm not the crazy one!!! Hope you're okay, too, Allie. We still have to meet up for our celebratory dinner...Maybe you could come over and we could watch a DVD or something, too?