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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the glorious future

I've been thinking about what I'm going to do when I finish my thesis.

1. Let off the party poppers a friend gave me for this very occasion. Drink some wine, eat some chocolate, generally have as good a time as I can afford (which isn't much).

2. Think up a really good I-have-finished-my-thesis facebook status update. The priorities we have these days...!

3. Get a job, earn some money. The thought is so novel I do not know what to make of it!!

4. Start writing a novel. Any novel.

5. Read more novels and serious works of literature without frying my brain.

6. Join Amnesty International properly, and actually take an active part in something voluntarily.

7. Have downtime. Time in which I do not have half my mind thinking about my thesis.

8. Spend some time thinking about my options without feeling like I don't have time to think about my options.

9. Tend some plants.

10. ... Any further ideas?

Quaking update: We have now a grand total of 2,488 earthquakes since the big 'un on September 4. The small, continuous ones have stopped coming every day, but every few days we get a comparatively big one. They've become a part of life and it will be very weird when they stop! At what point, I wonder, do they stop being aftershocks and become earthquakes in their own right?

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